Where is Hero Motorbike Company?

Hero Motocorp LTD is a two-wheeler and scooter company. In fact it happens to hold a very large chunk of the two-wheeler market share in New Dehli, India, a whopping forty-six per cent. They are also the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers in all of India.

Hero Motocorp started life as Hero Honda in 1984. this was a joint venture between Hero Group of India and Honda of Japan. The joint venture lasted until 2010, which is twenty-six years. In 2010, Honda stepped out of the venture, and Hero Group bought the shares Honda had held. They renamed the company Hero Motocorp.

Hero Motocorp is located in New Dehli India, as I have stated above. This city is the capital of India. It is located in the Capital Territory of Dehli and is one of that territory’s eleven districts.

The city was founded in 1911, and its foundation stone was laid by George V, the emperor of the time. The design of the city was the work of to two British architects, and it was inaugurated in 1931. The city’s design was made to showcase Britain’s imperial desires, and the one Rupee coin of today features George V.

Today, New Dehli has been chosen as one of the hundred cities to be made into a smart city under the current prime minister, Narenda Modi’s plan to improve the health and environmental impact on the country.

Geographically, New Dehli is actually a small part of the Capital teritory of Dehli, and measures about 16.5 square miles. Despite its location on the flood plains of the river Yamuna, the city is landlocked, and of an almost equal elevation all the way across. Due to this location, New Dehli is prone to earthquakes.

The climate of the city is tropical. There is a monsoon season, and a dry season. Temperatures vary from 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celcius) to to around 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) in the dry season. Summers are long, starting in April and ending in October. Winter starts in November and lasts until January. The average rainfall is about thirty inches, mostly in July and August, and during the summer there are dust storms.

Sadly, if you are thinking of moving to New Dehli, you will need to be aware of the air quality issues the city faces. In 2014, the World Health Organization listed this as the most polluted city on the entire planet. In an attempt to curb air pollution and clean up the city, the government instituted a new, temporary travel scheme, depending on your license plate number and would only allow trucks into the city after eleven at night. During this period, lasting about fifteen days, availability of public transit was increased to give people a means to move about. Around this time, the Supreme Court of India also ordered that no sports utility vehicles with engines over 2,000 CC could be registered until March and all taxis must switch to compressed natural gas.

New Dehli has a population of 249,998. Hindi is the most common language but English is used for official business and the literacy rate is 89.3 per cent.

Religiously New Dehli is rather diverse. Though the large majority of people are Hindu, there are also communities of Muslims, Sikhs, Jains and Christians.

Though New Dehli is a polluted city with a sordid past of Imperialism, it is beautiful. It is also a great place to start a business, or to house an existing business, and is up and coming enough to make sure that that business thrived. Perhaps that is why Hero Motocorp LTD chose it for their location.

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