Where is Hero Angeles Now?

Hero Gervacio Angeles is amazing. He was a popular Filipino actor showing a burgeoning career back in 2004 that began when he won the title of First Grand Quester on the ABS-CBN show Star Circle Quest. After that, he appeared on several other shows for the network including Krystala and SCQ Reload but he ended his contract with ABS-CBN in 2005 and went to work for their rival network. However, after 2008, he sort of slid out of the spotlight, which has made a lot of people wonder where he is now. Well, wonder no more. I have the scoop on what Hero is doing lately, and I am going to share it.

In 2013, Hero was seen at the premier of the movie Fighting Chefs, along with his costar and film director Ronnie Ricketts. This was his first appearance promoting a film.

In the movie, Hero plays a chef at a restaurant who must protect his business from criminals and finds himself caught up in something he didn’t expect.

Angelus says he is happy to be back to acting again. However, he has been arguing with ABS-CBN executives about a disagreement on his career path. He transferred networks and says he lost several projects due to the departure of his Korean co-star, the beautiful beauty Sandra Park.

Let’s fast forward to 2015. Hero has completely left show business. His career has fizzled out. But he hasn’t let that discourage him. He has let another side of his personality show. Hero is an art enthusiast, and has opened an online art gallery. He uses his art to promote causes for the betterment of everyone. In fact, fifty per cent of all the proceeds from art sold at his gallery, ARTCETERO, are donated to charities including the Icancervive and From the Bottom of my HeART. This shows that Hero wants to inspire and help people using his art, and that is a noble goal.

In addition to his gallery, Hero also hosts art exhibits and teaches art workshops. It’s yet another way to spread the joy of art to others.

Angeles also says he misses Park. He says the last time he saw her was in 2005 at the premier of their movie. Park is now one fourth of the K-pop group 2Ne1.

Angeles also imparted to ABS-CBN the lesson that he learned from his loss of a show business career. He says that there were plenty of things that he didn’t do or didn’t notice that could have possibly kept him from losing his career.

In what has also been an interesting turn of events, Hero has also been studying the culinary arts. It appears the loss of his show business career has not affected him very much, and he is still doing rather well despite missing show business and his co-star.

Most people, upon losing their careers seem to disappear from the spotlight. Thankfully, Hero Angeles has avoided this fate and has simply switched to another venue for his creativity, one which will help and inspire others as well. That is a goal we should all aspire to.

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