Top 10 Ten Books Where the Hero Grovels

Take a moment to think about heroes. They are strong, identifiable and totally infallible, at least some of the time. However, there is one thing that a lot of authors don’t address. Just like us, heroes should be well-rounded, fully-developed people in order to be believable. Sometimes, they must give in to moments of weakness or uncertainty. Sometimes it even becomes necessary for a hero to grovel.

Thankfully for us, some authors do note the need for such actions and that is what we are going to discuss today. If you are in the market for a more believable hero, read on. After all, you might want to put these ten books where the hero grovels on your to-read list.

The Unwanted Wife: The Unwanted  #1 by Natasha Anders

Alessandro de Lucci wants a son, more than anything else. However, his wife has been unable to become pregnant. It has been a year and a half, and Alessandro has been disillusioned and unhappy.

His wife, Theresa just wants a divorce. However, complications arise when Theresa discovers she is pregnant, and Alessandro finds out he’s not willing to lose Theresa. He’s willing to do anything to keep her, including groveling at her feet for forgiveness.

Lady Gallant: European Renaissance Duo book #1 by Suzanne Robinson

Nora Becket was often called Mouse by the ladies of the palace. However, that was always an act, and she served as a spy in Queen Mary’s court where she rescued the innocent queen from a cruel fate, risking her own life in the process.

However, what happens when the rescuer needs to be rescued? A group of cutthroats attack Nora, only for a lusty nobleman, Christian de Rivers to sweep her out of harm’s way and into his arms. However, Nora is as frightened of him as she is intrigued. Will the vengeance Christian desires keep them apart forever?

Never Too Far: Rosemary Beach #2 by Abbi Glines

Blaire can never trust the man she loves. He has destroyed her world. She has gone home to move on with her life. But what happens when this man she loves so dearly but can no longer trust winds up being the one man she needs to trust with all her heart?

Beautiful Disaster: Beautiful #1 by Jamie McGuire

Abby Abernathy fancies herself to be a good girl. She doesn’t swear or drink, and she has enough cardigans in her wardrobe. She’s finally distanced herself from her dark past.

However, things are going to turn up-side-down for Abby when she heads to college with her best friend and meets up with Travis maddox, a guy who has broken every heart he’s ever laid hands on.

Decker’s Wood (Kink Harder Presents#1) by Kirsty Dallas

Andi Jennings has found herself confronted with a mystery. Who is Decker Steele?

Meanwhile, Decker has also found himself confronted with a problem. His malfunctioning member wants Andi Jennings, badly. Will they figure out each other’s secrets?

Wanted by her Lost Love (Pregnancy and Passion #2) by Maya Banks

Ryan Beardsley’s fiancee has betrayed him, but that hasn’t stopped him from providing for her when he sends her packing. However, when he finds her working at a diner in Houston, desperate and pregnant, he demands she come with him to New York. He isn’t sure whether it’s for the baby’s sake, as he claims, or because she’s still irresistible. All he knows is that he wants her, bad and it doesn’t matter if the baby is his or his brother’s.

Until You (Fall Away, #1.5) Penelope Douglas

The hero of this book has anger issues. He goes from anger to indifference at the drop of a hat. Nobody can hurt him because he doesn’t care about anyone… Except Tatum, the one girl who can center him, can pull all his anger. But he’s discovered that he can’t trust Tatum, or anyone else. But he needs her. Bullying her and challenging her are his fuel.

But Tatum has gone to Paris for a year, and has come back a different girl. Now when he pushes, she pushes back, and perhaps the tables have turned.

The Ultimate Betrayal by Michelle Reid

Rachel and Daniel are married with three beautiful children, and as far as Rachel knows, they’re happy. But her happy life is about to be shattered by news of Daniel’s affair, and she realizes suddenly that things have been growing apart for years. Can Rachel ever forgive Daniel? Can she save their marriage or is it too late? Is she willing to grovel to make things right?

What Mattered Most by Linda Windfree

John OReilly has found himself stuck between a rock and a hard place, or more accurately between the love he couldn’t have and has wanted for years and the woman who is carrying his unborn baby. He has a choice, to choose who lives and dies, and either choice he makes can destroy everything he holds dear.

How will John choose which woman lives? How will he live with himself if he makes that choice?

Forever Too Far: Rosemary Beach #3 by Abbi Glines

Rush promised Blaire forever. But promises can be broken, especially now that he’s been forced to choose between Blaire and his family. One has to be more important than the other. How can he choose? How can he forsake the woman he loves?

Blaire believes in her fairy tale, but the time has come to choose what is right for her and the baby. Will she and Rush find the forever they both want, or has it all just broken?

Even heroes grovel sometimes. Sometimes it is for the love of important people. Sometimes it is because life pushes them to it and they see no other way out. But one thing is for certain. The groveling makes them better, more believable heroes for us as we read about them.


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