Where was Hero filmed?

The 2002 film Hero is breathtaking. The story is heart-warming and heart-rending, full of subtlety, grace and wisdom. The characters are amazingly well-developed,, and an audience will find them to be quite believable.

The scenery for this epic film matches the beauty of the story. It is rich, lush and multi-layered, and would immerse a viewer for hours, even if the story wasn’t so fantastic. However, since the story is so amazing, the scenery works as an elegant backdrop, complimenting the plot nicely.

Perhaps you have wondered where Hero was filmed. Perhaps you would love to see this beautiful scenery in person. If this is the case, simply keep reading. I will cover the filming locations for this fabulous film in detail, giving you a glimpse into the places this movie has traveled.

Dunhuang, Gansu, China

Dunhauang is a county-level city in Northwestern Gansu Province. Historically, this city was a major stop on the Silk Road. It is also known for the nearby Magao Caves. These caves contain a trove of Buddhist art and statuary, as well as a horde of manuscripts including a  Christian Holy Bible excerpt dating from the Yuan Dynasty.

The city itself is situated in a beautiful oasis that also contains Crescent Lake. Another feature of this oasis is the Minsha San or Singing Sand Mountain. These “mountains” of sand are so named because of the sound the wind makes when it whips over them. This is a truly lovely place to visit.

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province. It is also the most populous city.

Geographically it sits at the head of the Hangzhou Bay. This bay separates Shanghai from Ningbo.

Due to this city’s beautiful natural scenery, it has been the wealthiest city in China for most of the past millennium. The most well-known piece of that gorgeous scenery is West Lake. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to this lake, and the surrounding area, annually.

Hangzhou is also a huge technological area. It is home to the tech giant Alibaba, as well as hosting the G20 Summit in 2016.

World Studios, Heng Dian, China

World Studios is a film studio located in Heng Dian, China, a town in the city of Dongyang.

The film studio is the largest in the world, and is run by the Heng Dian group, a privately owned group. It was founded by Xu Wenrong, who turned acres of farmland into a sprawling movie studio.

World studio features thirteen shooting bases with a total area of 330 Hectares of area.

The records held by World Studio are truly impressive. As an example, they have the biggest indoor Buddha figure in China, as well as the most teleplays and films produced since 2005. But the most impressive part of the studio is the Imperial Qin palace. It was built in the Early Qin and Han style. This building serves as the backdrop for much of Hero.

Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, China

zhaigou Valley is a nature reserve and national park in Sichuan Province, China. It is a large park, stretching over 180,000 acres. It is situated on the border of the Tibetan Plateau.

The park’s name translates to “Valley of Nine Fortified Villages”. The name comes from the nine Tibetan villages along its length.

zhaigou is well known for having multi-level waterfalls, vibrant lakes and snowy mountain peaks. In 1997, the valley was named as a Biosphere Reserve, meaning that it is protected land, though it gained national park status in 1979. Before 1975, the area was practically inaccessible.

As you can see, the locations for the 2002 movie Hero are absolutely stunning, and many of these are landmarks and places that the Western world needs to know more about. They would be excellent places to take a vacation and just lose yourself in the scenery.

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