Top 10 Romance Novels Where the Hero Hates the Heroine

When you think of romance, hatred usually doesn’t factor in. However, hate and love are just two sides of the same coin. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. That is why, in romance novels, the hero often initially hates the heroine. However, by the end of the book, the hate has flipped over to love and the two wind up living happily ever after.

If you like books of this type, then we have a list for you! This is the top ten list of the best romance novels where the hero initially hates the heroine. Get ready to enjoy the drama and fights which lead to the most sizzling passion.

Virtue & Vanity by Astrid Jane Ray

Isabelle Walsh has married Sebastian Everett, a cruel and compassionless millionaire with the face of an angel. He has made it clear with his actions that her fragile feelings mean nothing to him and he will crush her like a bug. However, fate seems to have other ideas. For some reason, Sebastian starts treating her with more respect and caring and swears he’ll never hurt her again. Isabelle doesn’t believe him. However, as he turns from a monster into a prince, her resolve slips. Will she make a choice that destroys them both?

Bully (Fall Away #1) by Penelope Douglas

Tate is being bullied. In fact, she has been bullied all through high school. And the thing that makes it worse is the bullying came from the hands and tongue of her former best friend. Now she is sick of it, and she is going to fight back. She isn’t the shy, timid girl she used to be, and her bully is going to have much more trouble than he bargained for.

Collateral Damage (Bagram Special Ops #5) by Kaylea Cross

Honor Girard has made a dreadful mistake. She has walked away from the man she wanted to marry. When an attack on her base brings them together, she realizes she can’t let him go again, but he wants nothing to do with her.

Losing Honor was devastating to Major Liam Magrath and he has focused entirely on his career. When she’s thrust back into his life, he vows to wall off his heart forever. But will a terrorist attack on US soil bring them back together for good or is it too late?

Degradation: The Kane Trilogy #1 by Stylo Fantome

One night. One mistake, and naive, shy rich girl Tatum is thrown into the real world without her family, without money, and without Jameson. Seven years later, the two of them are thrust together.

Tate has changed over the last seven years. She’s not naive or shy anymore. Her tormentor, Jameson has also changed, earning his nickname of Satan. They start playing games as Tate wants to prove she can beat Jameson. But when the games blur into reality, will Jameson conquer her forever?

The Devil’s Arms by Charlotte Lamb

Lyn has amnesia. Her antagonistic fiancé Jake believes she’s lying.

The Winter Heart by Lillian Cheatham

Meg just can’t catch a break. When her young stepsister, Carol, causes a tragic accident, she is blamed. When Simon Egan offers her a job, she’s eager to go with him to Colorado. However, she doesn’t realize he thinks she is her stepsister and has planned revenge for her and seems not to care that he has the wrong girl.

The Odds Against by Margaret Pargeter

Gail has loved Carl Eliot for years. Carl’s fiancee Petula Hogan has walked out on him, and now he is a bitter and suspicious man. Gail agrees to marry him. But did she make the right decision? Though Carl wants her and thinks she’s attractive, he doesn’t love her. In fact, if you gave him half a chance, he’d run back to Petula. Can Gail make this marriage work?

Tomorrow, Come Soon by Jessica Steele

Devon’s father Grant has finally gotten money to pay for an operation to rid her of her disability, and she is overjoyed. However, she’s horrified when she discovers that he embezzled the money from his boss, Grant Herrington. Now Grant wants payment, and he doesn’t take cash or credit cards.

A Lost Love by Carole Mortimer

Brooke Adamson was in a car crash that her husband Rafe thought ended her life. However, she survived. Now three years later, with a new name and face, she returns to her old home town out of love for the son Rafe took away. But she can’t tell him the truth. She knows how much he hates the bitter memory of the woman he married.

Long-gone Lonesome Blues (The Texas Brand #4) by Maggie Shayne

Ben Brand thinks he has lost his wife, Penny, but when she shows up on his ranch with no memory of him, his world is really torn apart. She has no memory of her past, or him. So Ben sets out to make her remember.

Though hate isn’t usually a feature of most real-world romances, it works really well in fiction. Adding a dash of it can turn an ordinary romance into a steamy read that will keep you up all night.

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