Top 10 Books Where the Hero is Mean to the Heroine

Sometimes, having a hero be mean to a heroine can be a fabulous way to put some drama into a story. An author can either choose to show why the hero is mean, or not. Sometimes the mean treatment comes out of the blue. Sometimes it doesn’t, and a large part of the book is the hero being mean. One thing is certain however. If a hero is mean, then the book is going to be more exciting and unpredictable.

In this article, we will cover the top ten books where the hero is mean to the heroine. Get your ball bat ready. Some of these men are really mean.

A Savage Betrayal by Lynne Graham

Mina has fallen in love. Unfortunately, the man she fell for is her boss, Cesare. Cesare dismisses her after one night, calling her a gold-digging tramp.

That isn’t the end of the story, however. Four years later, the two are reunited. Mina has a daughter, and Cesare proposed to her… But she finds that things are not what they seem, and Cesare’s marriage is only a sham, meant to make sure her daughter knew who her father was and also to pursue his revenge. Can this ever end happily?

Savage Autumn by Constance O’Banyon

Joanna has a lecherous uncle. She has only just escaped from him. But her luck is not good. She winds up captured by a proud Blackfoot warrior. But things may be better than she thinks. Under Windtalk’s pride and bravado beats a heart that loves her.

The Perfect Wife by Jane Goodger

A new bride is wondering about her husband’s motives for marriage. Did he really want her? This is a playful novel of revenge and romance.

Risk Everything: The Blackthorn Trilogy #3 by Sophia Johnson

Megan of Blackthorn had loved the Lord of Vengeance, Rolf McDave once in secret. But that was long ago. Now Rolf is back. And he wants her. Rolf must forget his wish for her to be his bride and remember that she’s a captive now, but his heart will betray him to the love of this woman.

Breaking Love: Broken Love #4 by B.B. Reid

Angel has fled Dash Chambers for four years. She thought she was finally free. However, Dash has other ideas. Now that she’s back in Six Forks, he’s going to make her his again, and this time things are going to go his way.

A Husband’s Regret: Unwanted #2 by Natasha Anders

Bronwyn Palmer has not been taking care of herself at all. Two years ago, she learned that she was pregnant with her husband Bryce’s first child. Bryce did not want to be a father. His rage kicked off a chain reaction that drove them apart, leaving Bronwyn to flee the perfect marriage to start over with her precocious daughter, and Bryce to live with the pain of his wife’s desertion while never knowing his baby girl. Now, when a chance encounter brings Bronwyn and her daughter back into his life, they are going to have to get to the bottom of what happened and try to fix whatever it was that tore them apart.

Dark Wager by Mary Spencer

Lucien has been betrothed to Clara since childhood. At the tender age of sixteen, he gave her his heart… and she trampled all over it. After that mistake, he has decided to never allow his heart to be vulnerable again.

Clara is desperately in love with Lucien, but he has a way of showing up at the exact wrong time. There’re a lot of misunderstandings in their relationship, but Clara is determined to find the gentle man Lucien used to be, and he’s determined to keep her out.

Baby of Shame by Julia James

Rhianna had a one-night fling with Greek tycoon Alexis Petrakis and has struggled to survive since that night. However, the secret baby she is carrying is going to cost her. Alexis has discovered the baby and wants to reclaim it for himself.

The Impossible Boss by Jane Corrie

Tammy has gone all the way out to the Australian Outback. But she is stuck, as life often does, with an impossible, detestable man named Rick. However, Rick is holding the reins, and Tammy finds herself biting her tongue. She’ll just have to deal with him.

The Marriage Bargain by Victoria Pade

Victoria Rutherford doesn’t stand a chance against vengeful multimillionaire Adam Benson. Her father is his enemy, and the man he blames for the downfall of his family. What better way to get back at the man than by marrying his daughter? However, what Adam doesn’t plan for is Victoria’s sweet and innocent heart. It pulls him to her despite himself.

There are many reasons that heroes are mean to heroines. Sometimes we, as readers, are allowed to know those reasons from the hero’s point of view. Sometimes we are left to guess. How ever it happens, there is one thing that is clear. These types of books are some of the most tantalizing, and you now know the cream of the crop.

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