Top 10 Books Where Hero Kidnaps Heroine

Kidnapping is not heroic. It is a controlling, manipulative thing to do. However, sometimes the heroes of stories kidnap their heroines. Sometimes they learn better from their mistakes and grow to be better people because they learned from the heroine they kidnapped. Someitmes they do not.

The motives for why heroes kidnap their heroines can be dicey at best. Sometimes, they feel it is necessary. Sometimes they think they are performing a conquest. Sometimes, it turns out to be the best thing for the plot. Whether these motives are justified or not is up to the reader.

Below is a list of the top ten books where the hero kidnaps the heroine. If you want to read a book where the heroine gets kidnapped, or if you want to judge these heroes’ motives, now is your chance.

Barbarian Mine: Ice Planet Barbarians #4 by Ruby Dixon

A woman finds herself on an ice planet, and is thrilled to be there and ready to be a productive member of society. Unfortunately, there is a savage stranger who is just waiting to kidnap her. He clubs her over the head and takes her for his own. So why does she resonate with him? Why does she want to mate with him and have his children? How could she hunger for the touch of a barbarian like this?

His Witness: Vittorio Crime Family #4 by Vanessa Waltz

A woman is kidnapped by a dangerous man. She knew accepting his advances could be the last mistake she makes but she decides to dance with death anyhow.

Now she’s trapped in his basement, being toyed with for his amusement. He brings her both pleasure and pain, so tantalizingly linked. She’s starting to want both… and to crave him.

Dream of Me/Believe in Me Viking and Saxon #1 and #2 by Josie Litton

This breathtaking volume combines the first two books of the Viking and Saxon saga. In Dream of Me, Viking Leader Wolf Hakonson believes that Lady Cymbra, a Saxon noblewoman is the cause of war because of her great beauty, so he kidnaps her only to find that she is a healer. She will challenge his deepest yearnings and they will form an alliance and a union that will finally reunite both their peoples.

In Believe in Me, Cymbra’s brother, Lord Hawk wants to strengthen the alliance. But the Norse noblewoman he marries, Lady Krysta has many secrets, including the fact she can see the future. Only she knows the danger that threatens not only the peace but Hawk as well.

Everything to Lose by Katie Reus

Sean Sullivan has made a dreadful mistake. He wanted to scare his wife into staying with him by telling her he wanted a divorce and giving her an ultimatum. Nobody was as surprised as he was when she walked out the door and didn’t even look over her shoulder.

Now, they are together again. Killers have targeted them to die, and Sean will do anything to protect her, including kidnapping her and tying her to his bed.

Keeping Lily by Izzy Sweet

A woman is traded away by her husband to pay off the most ruthless crime boss in Garden City. This is a man so powerful and beautiful that they call him Lucifer. And he wants nothing more than to master her, to make her bend to his will. He wants her heart, her body, her soul… and the one thing she can’t dare to part with.

Pound of Flesh by Jessa Kane

A man, fresh out of prison, has just kicked down a woman’s door. He’s terrifying, huge and scarred, and he wants her undamaged body. If she runs, he’ll chase her down and take what he wants.

But the beast has made one mistake. He’s showed the woman his desperation, and now she’s not sure whether she wants to run toward him or away from him.

Captured by the Alien Lord (Warriors of the Lathar #1) by Mina Carter

Cat Moore has a problem. A Lathar war group has boarded her base and kidnapped her, and the rest of the women. And the worst part is that Lathar is a society without women.

Warlord Tarrick wants this little human woman for his own. And he’s willing to do anything to get her.

Draconis by Grace Draven

Magnus Silverclaw is furious. His lover, Leida, has gone missing and he is hunting everywhere for her. When he eventually finds her, he subjects her to four years of forced servitude to him, only to be horrified at her reaction to the punishment. She stole something from him, and used elicit magic, a crime that is treason amongst dragons. Only when she is forced to face a tribunal of dragons, and possible slavery forever, does she reveal a carefully kept secret, one that could reunite her with the dragon she loves or tear her away forever.

Bullet to the Heart (No Mercy Book #1) by Lea Griffith

Bullet once had another name. But she was long ago forced to shed it by the collective who molded her into a killer.

Ran lost his wife and daughter to Bullet. Now the collective has to pay. He has become a hunter, and now he has caught Bullet. They are drawn together by vengeance but they will learn that love can either make you stronger or destroy you.

Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas

Faith Jacobson has witnessed a mob hit. This is very bad news for her as she is going to die for it. However, Angelo Raspallo decides to give her to his brother Leo as a gift.

Leo isn’t involved with the mob, but he’s no saint. He’s troubled by his desire to own a slave, and Faith isn’t kinky. Even a mild spanking sends her into fits of terror. However, his mercy is the only thing keeping her from being killed by his brother. Will possessing her be enough to quell his sexual desires?

These heroes are not saints. Most of them are not even good people. But yet, they kidnap the heroines of their stories and somehow find love in the process. Can we even call them heroes at all? You be the judge.

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