Top 10 Books Where the Hero Hurts the Heroine

Hurting someone is not something we would consider very heroic, much like kidnapping. However, the heroes of these stories hurt the heroines. Are they really heroes? Sometimes the line between who is a hero and who a villain blurs into nonexistence. Nothing is as black-and-white as we would like to believe. Delve into these books, and see how heroic the heroes truly are.

Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Daisy Devreaux is a flighty girl full of heart. Alex Markov is a man without a soul. Daisy’s father has arranged for the two of them to marry, or Daisy will go to jail.

This is the modern world. How can this be possible? Will they find a love that sends them high into the sky without a safety net or will they crash and burn in a ring of fire?

Into the Light: The Light #1 by Aleatha Romig

Sara Adams wakes up blind and amnesiac. Stella Moore, a reporter, has noticed a disturbing trend of women going missing. When her best friend disappears, she goes searching for answers. Sara is confounded by a cult which wants her unquestioning obedience, but she is beguiled by Jacob, the husband she can’t recall, whose painful and tender ministrations have her spinning.

Will Stella find the answers she seeks? Enlightenment always comes with a price. And what of Sara? Will she learn to comply with the shadowy cult, known only as The Light?

Rape of the King’s Daughter Book 1 by Starlight English

When the country of Arlia is overthrown, Princess Amelia finds herself with a difficult choice. She must submit to the new king as her lord and husband, or risk the consequences. He is cruel, but will she in time grow to enjoy submitting herself to him?

Stormfire by Christine Monson

On her way to boarding school, Catherine Enderly was abducted and dragged to the coast of Ireland by Sean Culhane, a man who wants vengeance against Catherine’s family. Though she is lovely, she is also defiant. She vows to fight off her captor.

Sean is determined to have his vengeance, and Catherine is struggling against her own awakened desires for him.

Demon’s Captive: War Tribe #1 by Stephanie Snow

When the planet is decimated, college student Charity is left friendless and without family. She somehow still manages to evade the warriors that came from the sky. Commander Melmanon’s ego has taken a beating, so he vows to catch the Earth woman who has eluded him. When he finally does catch her, Charity is terrified to realize he looks like a demon so she submits to him.

Melmanon, to his surprise, finds that it brings him pleasure, so he decides to keep her as his torture slave and Charity finds she likes submitting to him. But her loyalties are soon to be tested and she will have to make some very hard decisions.

Crimson Kiss – Crimson #1 by Trisha Baker

Maggie O’Neal is a vampire. It was hard enough to finish her schooling this way, and all she wanted was to be normal. She thought her former master was dead. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Now it’s up to Maggie and her friends to kill her former master. He never expected her to be so strong.

Obsession: Russian Tattoos #1 by Kat Shehata

Tennis player, Carter Cook is cursed with an over-protective father. The man monitors her every action. So when he is employed by Vladimir Ivanov, a man with tattoos and an accent that makes Carter weak, she takes the time to find a bit of danger. But Vladimir isn’t what he seems. He’s actually the godfather of a Russian mafia crime ring, and has spent five years in a Siberian prison camp, where he earned those tattoos, and he’s been stalking Carter for years. When she gets in too deep, Carter must fight for her freedom before the attraction turns fatal.

Behind his eyes: Consequences #1.5 by Aleatha Romig

Anthony Rawlings thinks he has it all. He overcomes accidents and glitches, and every bit of his life has been planned for. However, Tony signs a contract with a woman who will change his life. He thought it was a contract to own another person, an acquisiton if you will.

However, he forgot to read the fine print. What he took for an acquisition was actually the contract for a soul.

Consequences: Consequences #1 by Aleatha Romig

Claire Nichols awakens in a bedroom of a luxurious mansion. She doesn’t know why, but she realizes quickly that a chance encounter has led her into the hands of an abductor, cruel, demanding business tycoon Tony Rawlings. She is his acquisition and now must do every single thing she’s told, and public failure isn’t an option. To unravel his plan, she’ll have to go along with every aspect of it. But will the budding romance between them destroy them both?

Fifty Shades Darker: Fifty Shades #2 by E.L. James

Though Anastasia Steele has broken off her fling with Christian Gray, she still has desires for him. In fact, they dominate her every waking moment. So when Christian contacts her with a new arrangement, she has no choice but to agree. As Christian struggles with his inner demons, Anastasia struggles with her jealousy and they rekindle their sensual affair.

These men harm and ravage the women in their lives. Can they truly be called heroes? You decide.

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