Top 10 Bollywood Movies Where the Hero Dies

When heroes die, it is a tragedy. People mourn and often grieve or feel angry that such an important person is gone, even when the hero is only a fictional character in a movie. Sometimes, people even grieve more about the deaths of fictional characters than living people, because fictional characters capture something deep and raw within us. However, some people enjoy a good movie where the hero dies.

To that end, we offer this article. Whether you are looking for a movie where the hero dies, or wanting to avoid such movies, here is a top ten list for you.

Gangs of Waseypur

This is an Indian crime film focusing on the city of Waseypur, India. In 1946, a man named Shahid Khan takes advantage of a Qureshi muslim man named Sultana, and uses his identity to rob British ferry trains. However, the Qureshi find out and banish Shahid and his family from the city of Waseypur. Shahid winds up being hired as the muscle man of the coal mines in the city he moves to. However, his boss overhears his plans to take over the coal mines and has him murdered. His son Sardar escapes with his cousin and grows up. When he finds out about his father’s death, he vows vengeance which will last far beyond his time.

The entire film focuses on this blood feud and how it has spread across the generations.


A law student is elected as general secretary of his college. However, things are not as he would expect. He witnesses all sorts of corruption in the process, including homicide and deception.


Vijay is a poor dock worker who gets drawn inescapably into the underworld and conquers it, becoming a leading figure. However, his little brother, Ravi is educated and becomes a policeman. This, of course, creates a rift between the two brothers that may tear them apart.


Two lovers are separated due to financial circumstances. However, they are reunited again a few years later. But being under one roof is driving them mad. How will they balance the sparks that are flying and their emotions being on high without killing each other.


The brilliant Shakespearean play Othello here is cast in modern India. An enforcer wrongly trusts his lieutenant. This leads him to suspect his wife of infidelity.


Take the Shakespearean play Macbeth. Now cross that with the Godfather. Set the whole thing in modern Bombay, and you are in for a very different movie-going experience. Two corrupt policemen who tell fortunes become the weird sisters, and Macbeth is instead Maqbool, who is double-crossed and murdered.


Devdas’s family has forbidden him to marry the woman he truly loves. This has broken his heart. To numb the pain, he takes up alcohol and other vices. Watch as his life slowly spirals.

Dil se..

What will happen when a radio executive meets a beautiful revolutionary. Of course, sparks fly. But their ideologies are very different. How will they balance their desires with their deeply-held personal beliefs?


In Delhi and the Kashmir Valley, a blind woman has her heart stolen by a devilish and handsome tour guide. However, is he everything he seems to be? Her newfound love holds a very terrible secret.

Qayamat se qayamat tak

Two young people fall in love. Too bad their fathers are in a feud. Too bad they aren’t supposed to marry. But nothing can stop love. This is Romeo and Juliet with an Indian twist.

Sometimes in movies, the hero dies. It is sad when it happens, and sometimes people actually grieve over these lost characters. Whether you like or dislike this type of movie, there is definitely something to be said for the way the death of a hero rips at your heartstrings.


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