Who is Hero Alom?

Now and then looks are not everything. Hero Alom is a rare example a mainstream pop idol who is anything but easy on the eye.

If looks were as important as most would think, Hero Amol would not have been in the place he is currently. Who is Hero Alom? He is a star of Bangladesh and has featured in many music recordings and motion pictures. He’s a significant name there. checkout his Facebook page and you will see him encompassed by stunning young ladies.

He has delivered more than 500 music recordings till now and has likewise sung a rap melody. It will make you envious if you look at his popular Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/officialheroalombogra/) or his youtube channel which has over 4.23 million views.

His real name is Ashraful Alom. He lives in Erulia Union of Bogra locale where he maintains an effective digital TV business called Sokal-Sondha Cable Network.

Ashraful was born in Bogra. His dad was a snacks merchant.  Ashraful was ten years of age when his father remarried and deserted him and his mother. To bolster himself and his mom, Ashraful began offering snacks in the local markets. As a result of the hardship, he couldn’t proceed with his studies. He failed in the exam in class VII and dropped out of school.

There was a little video shop close to his home. After offering snacks throughout the day, he used to go the video shop nearby and watched the stars perform. At the point when the proprietor chose to offer the shop, Ashraful moved accepted. He needed to run the shop and pay him back in portions. He was not in any case fifteen year old he was running two organizations. Each morning, he sold snacks and sat at the video shop during the evening.

A man named Abdur Razzak who used to live in a similar town was a general client to Ashraful’s video shop and later adopted him as a son.

Meanwhile, satellite TV went to the town and Ashraful chose to begin his own particular digital TV business. Both of them worked hard in the business and later it became successful.

It was Ashraful’s treasured dream to be a legend. He realized that he neither had the look nor the physical make-up yet it didn’t scratch his soul. In 2008, Ashraful delivered his first music video and discharged it in his digital TV organize. Individuals preferred his music recordings. Throughout the years, he delivered 500 music recordings. He does everything script, music. He bore every one of the costs for the recordings. As of late, somebody transferred his music recordings on Youtube and it got to be distinctly popular and Ashraful got to be distinctly mainstream overnight. In the wake of seeing his recordings on Youtube, many reached him and offered him to work in music recordings. As indicated by late news report distributed on Channel i Online, Hero Alom as of late motivated offers to work in a short film, two TV dramatizations and TV advertisements. He even sang a rap tune which will be released soon. He even encouraged offers to travel to another country to work. He got an offer to work in USA. His whole group would go and remain in USA for two months. He accepted an offer to go to Singapore.

Hero Alom is responsible for his own success. He did not trouble himself with what other individuals would consider him and his music recordings. In the meeting, he said that he buckled down and got to be distinctly effective and earned cash. So he couldn’t have cared less what other individuals would consider him or his music recordings. He spent his own particular cash to make those recordings. In such a period of good wantonness, a man like Hero Alom sets an extraordinary case for every common man. His battle shows that one should not fear hardships, appearance to accomplish the objectives in life. He is a true legend.




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